Whats Good To Catch Catfish

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you catch catfish and what is good bait for them? Will they also sting you?
    I was on the Connecticut River and a man caught a catfish. What are some good tips on to catch catfish and good bait like worms. Also, do they sting you somehow?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello there, I actually am very fond of Catfish fishing. Catfish like to hang around channels in most ponds, lakes and streams. You don't need to cast more then maybe 25 feet in front of you. Catfish look for their food mostly by using their scent glands... I hunt for worms and other stuff to eat based on scent. The more something smells, the more it will attract Catfish. They'll hit anything you can think of, and again the more it smells the more they'll be attracted to it. The bait that I use the most are Shrimp and Mackerel. With the shrimp I usually buy about 1 pound of shrimp or less depending on how much I am going to fish. Then I let the shrimp sit in the sun and let the hot sun hit it so that it starts to decay and rot (for stink purposes) Then I head for the lake..When you bait shrimp you want to make sure that the point of the hook still sticks out..(You don't have to peel it if you don't want to) Catfish will swallow whatever you fish with most of the time so you must make sure the point sticks out so you get em' whenever you set the hook. Mackerel works great too because it smells salty and the Catfish love it. When you bait the mackerel you want to make sure that you hook it good enough so that it won't want to come off the hook when you cast. Catfish don't really care about what pound test line you use. What they care about is how you fish it... Let me explain... When you cast out, as soon as your bait hits the water hold your rod towards your bait, wait wait about...I don't no 8-15 seconds for your bait to hit the bottom (depending on how deep the water is. When your bait his the bottom you got to reel up some of the slack in your line, but NEVER reel all of the slack so that your line is too tight. you want a bit of slack so that when the fish is biting he can't feel your rod tip, but you don't want too much that you will miss the hit when he takes off. If you had too much tension in your line when you went to set the hook you would miss it due to the slack in your line, but the way I explained with a little bit of slack he'll take off and then your line will tighten so you can set the hook. If done properly you'll rarely miss the fish. There are a lot of fish attractants on the market...My personal favorite stinks like hell and is called "Hogwild" it's a dip that you use to dip your bait into it before you cast it out..Catfish can't resist it. But if you smell up your bait the way I told you that works a lot better. They just go crazy for it. Anywho I hope that I was helpful and I am really sorry for my answer being so long, I just wanted to be indepth since I enjoy fishing these great tasting fish..Goodluck!

      OOPS! I forgot to answer the stinging part.... Catfish do have 2 ways to sting you and it comes form their Dorsal fin and Pectoral fin They have a very sharp shank there kind alike a sting ray, but if you get stung you wont die it just stings a bit.. The way to avoid this is to reach under his pectoral fins with your palm touching his white belly and then be careful that your fingers don't get it from his dorsal...That is all. They are slippery so I would recommend using a towel for a better grip and less risk of getting stung. When you reach inside his mouth to get your hook it is very common that he'll want to bite ya.. I doesn't hurt it just feels like a gummer.....They have very small teeth but it's more like sand paper for gripping. You will just feel slight pressure and that's it.

    What is the best bait to catch Catfish?
    I fish in the Ohio River, and was wondering what type of bait is the best to catch catfish, other than night crawlers.

    • ANSWER:
      blues and channels- cut bait, catch some skipjack and cut it up and put it on the hook

      flatheads - any thing live - bluegills, goldfish, chubs

      and remember big bait catches big fish

      lot of people sayin liver but i wouldnt for river fishin because it gets swept off the hook easily

    What is the best bait to catch catfish?
    I love to catch catfish, but i havent heard of what bait i should use. I heard of chicken blood and someone told me bread. Help please!

    • ANSWER:
      you can use the following
      1. chicken livers
      2. worms
      3. hot dogs
      4. prepared catfish bait
      5. shrimp
      6. dough bait
      7. you can also use cheese

    What's the best way to clean and prepare a caught catfish?
    Last time I tried "skinning" one it was a disaster. Should I just cut off the head, gut it out, then cook it in the skin and peel off the skin after cooking? What is the easiest method to managing cooking fresh caught catfish?

    • ANSWER:
      william is right.
      if you are going to cook them right away, just a quick dip in boiling water BEFORE you gut them until the skin splits but don't overdo it. you don't want to cook the innards.
      then gut and either fillet or cut into steaks. l like small ones fried whole.
      the head and carcass makes good soup too. add veggies and stuff but don't overcook the fish. put it in last.

      on some you tube and other vids, some of those guys make it look so easy...

    What is the best bait to catch channel catfish?
    Im going to fish at the lake noximixion spillway in pa and i was wondering what is the best bait to use to catch channel catfish.

    • ANSWER:
      You can use all of the following and catch catfish:
      night crawlers
      hot dogs
      dead mice
      dead shad
      dead soft craws
      stink bait (you can find it at Walmart)
      and more...

      It depends on how big of fish you are fishing with. I would use around 12-20 lb test for cat-fishing. Use a pretty big pole and a couple rod holders. I usually take about 3 or four baits with me.i also take about 3 or four poles. this way i can have different bait on each pole. once figure out what they are hitting i will switch all the poles to the bait. and i have a blast. make sure you are sitting with your pole other wise you can kiss it good bye. i usually take a single eagle claw hook and put a barrel sinker on it. then you take a split shot and stick it about 12 inches above your hook. this will stop the barrel sinker from hitting you hook. Also when the fish picks up the bait doesn't feel the weight of the sinker. let your line slack a little and when it goes out set it and reel it in.
      Good luck fishing!!!

    What's the best way to catch Catfish off the Grand Haven pier, in Michigan?
    I am a amateur to catching catfish, I have caught a few in my past using liver. I would just like some more information if you could help me.

    • ANSWER:
      The best way would be to consult with local fishermen and/or local bait shops.

    What is the best way to catch channel catfish in Maryland?
    I fish in an area full of perch and i know of many people catching catfish nearby. Any tips on how I could catch them too? I've tried making bait but i only ended up catching a few skates.
    Jay, thanks man, but i already tried dynamite. All I got was a whale...anybody else?

    • ANSWER:
      If the area is full of Perch, they probably feed heavily on them. I wouldn't go out and catch a load of Perch to use until you know it's legal. Some places allow it, and some don't. If not, you could always go buy some baitfish to use if you have a bait store nearby. Again though, be sure it's legal.

      If that's not an option, there's a load of things Channel Cats will hit. I almost always use chicken liver or cut bait for them. Chicken liver normally catches a larger quantity of fish, but cut bait generally gets better quality fish in. Raw bacon, any kind of lunch meat, cheese, etc are normally good choices as well.

      Be sure to cast near cover. A lot of people believe that Catfish are always in these deep and dark waters. Although that's sometimes true, usually it's not. Find cover or shade, and fish it. Catfish are a lot like Bass when it comes to where they hangout at. Do keep in mind they will be deep during the day this time of year though, like most fish. They will move shallower during the morning andeveningg hours.

    What is the best setup for catching catfish?
    I fish in a lake and was wondering if anyone had any advice for catching catfish...e.g, bait, type of hook, line setup etc...thanks
    Thanks for the advice "MRG" I will try some of those setups..does it matter at all that I am not fishing off of a boat??

    • ANSWER:
      Even though I have been fishing for Catfish for the past 20 years, I am no expert & will admit as such. However, I would advise you to try the following bait when fishing for any type of Catfish, be they blue, Channel or Bulls.

      1) Anchovies - 1" cubes should work just fine depending on the size of the Cats you are going after, which will give you about 4 or 5 pieces of bait per typical sized anchovy. Stripers like anchovies as well so you may be fighting them off.

      2) Beef or Chicken liver - Are excellent, smelly bait that Cats love. However, Chicken liver is a very delicate bait, so be careful when you cast. The fresher the bait, the better. If the liver is frozen, it's not going to stay on the hook very well at all. Thawing it seems to greatly weaken it's integrity. Stripers like it as well, so...

      3) Nightcrawlers - What fish does not like worms??

      4) Live minnows - Catfish love live minnows. They really like shad.

      5) Crawdads - It's a hard decision to make. Catch the crawdads to use as bait for to use as my dinner... Cats have been known to go a little nuts if you hook a live crawdad to your hook. Even been known to line up in a straight line waiting to be the next to scarf the bait as soon as you cast it.

      6) Shrimp & Squid both work well, as both are more or less smelly. I have had great luck catching Catfish on the small shrimp that you would find to come on like shrimp salad. You can buy it for around or for about a 1/2lb to a 1lb tub at your local supermarket in the seafood dept. A 1/2lb tub should give you about 50+ small shrimp, though if they have been previously frozen, they may not stay on the hook all that well & thus you will need to be careful casting. You can use larger shrimp as well, though the cost goes up. Then again, if you aren't catching fish & get the munchies...

      Depending on how strong the current is, will be the deciding factor for the "weight" of the weight I use. The below links show pics of the various ways I have my line setup.

      1) http://www.luresonline.com/images/dropshot/crappie.gif
      2) http://www.arkieprince.com/images/bottom.jpg
      3) http://www.lakemichiganangler.com/tips/Surf_Fishing/photos/basic_bottom_rig1.jpg

      Enjoy & Good Luck!

    What's the best bait to use to catch Catfish?
    Me and my husband live on the water and he loves to fish a lot. Usually he uses shad and minnows and perch to catch fish. What kind of bait is best to catch Catfish with?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to a local grocery store and get some beef liver. Lots of people say chicken liver is best but it doesn't matter. Beef liver though, stays on the hook better as it's tougher. You can leave it out of the fridge to get it a little rotten smelling but it won't matter. You can never fail to catch some channel cats with this stuff. You can also go to a bait shop and buy professionally made stink bait which also works wonders. Good luck fishin'!

    what is more fun to catch catfish or muskie?
    and also what is more fun to catch blue catfish, flathead or channel. and just for fun which one taste better.

    • ANSWER:
      I've never gotten a blue or flathead catfish, or a muskie for that matter, but I've gotten lots of channel cats, one I caught was nine-pounds when I was nine years old. Landed it all by myself. And a ten-pound channel cat is extremely fun on six-pound line. Muskies look fun to catch, I guess 'cause I like tossing big lures for big bass. But I think a fifty-pound blue cat or flathead would outfight a muskie of the same size, pound for pound, they're a bigger fish. And a lot meatier.

whats good to catch catfish

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