What Could Cause An Acidic Stomach For Over One Week

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible that anxiety is causing my stomach to be upset?
    I've been anxious about leaving for USAF Basic training this week and my stomach has started to bother me as the days go by. I've had a very acidic stomach and now I keep getting cramps and having to use the bathroom. Am I getting some type of bug or is it probably from anxiety?

    • ANSWER:
      It's the anxiety.

      Nervousness can cause tummy upsets & in some cases vomiting.

      Just breath! Try eating bannans to help calm your stomach! You'll be fine, nothing is ever as bad as it seems! :)

    Can getting dental work give you an upset stomach?
    I got dental work less then a week ago and I have noticed since then I have kind of acidic upset stomach. I have been using mouth wash and I have been careful not to swallow any excess. Would it be possible that the symptoms are caused by that the dental work?

    • ANSWER:
      yes but it shouldnt last this long it could possibly be that you got a stomach bug and it's coincidence that it's around the time of dental work if you feel really sick try some meds or doctor.

    What would cause stomach aches after eating?
    For a few weeks (maybe more) I've been experiencing stomach aches and sometimes accompanied by nausea after eating - not over eating but a normal meal size, and I'm a bit worried - sometimes it is also like a burning acidic feeling in my stomach. I've also lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. I cannot go to the doctor - my mother is one who will always say i'm fine but i'm actually worried so can someone give a possible diagnosis. Should I be worried?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry you are feeling pain after eating. I'm not sure what you mean by the comment "I cannot go to the doctor". Are you saying your mother doubts you are ill? In any case, I highly recommend you see a doctor. Nobody here can give a proper diagnosis, especially since they haven't seen what's going on inside your stomach. Weight loss such as you describe is not a sign of good health, and I wonder if anyone else in your family has noticed this change in your body in terms of the weight or your eating habits? It could be something like an ulcer causing the burning sensation, but it could be something else. The doctor may need to run some tests including bloodwork, checking your stool for occult (hidden) blood, or special x-rays. The doctor may want to look into your stomach with a scope depending on results of those tests. Have your stools changed color at all? In terms of worrying, please focus your concerns on getting to the doctor. I'm going to be hoping you make an appointment really soon, so you can start to feel better.

    Can a stomach virus turn into the common cold?
    I had the stomach virus a few weeks ago, and I believe that I had the common cold for about 4 days, and I still have it. Could I have gotten the common cold from a stomach virus?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Tech Dude,

      Stomach virus! Do you really believe it? My stomach is acidic in nature. Bacteria and viruses get lysed there. Once the bacteria and viruses are lysed they cannot cause any other disorder.

    Why does my stomach always hurt after eating?
    I have been having this pain for a very long time. Whenever I eat my stomach just hurts bad. I haven't eaten any dairy products really in like a month. What could it be, an ulcer?

    • ANSWER:

      Also called Peptic Ulcer or Peptic Ulcer Disease (PUD). Ulcer is a mucosal erosion is an open injury in your stomach with little or null tendency to the spontaneous healing. Ulcers can be located in stomach (called gastric ulcer), Esophagus (called Esophageal ulcer), Duodenum (called duodenal ulcer), Meckel s Diverticulum (called Meckel s Diverticulum ulcer.

      The majority of the ulcers is caused by a called bacterium Helicobacter pylori, although also by the excessive ingestion of irritating, spicy, greasy food, or by aggressive medecines via oral. Ulcers can cause that your stomach hurts after eating because the production of gastric juice is increased which contains water, clorhidric acid and three enzymes, the acid irritates the Ulcer and cause pain.

      Helicobacter pylori

      Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that infects the human stomach mucosal epithelium. Many ulcers and some types of gastritis due to infections by H. pylori. In many cases, those infected never develop any symptoms. This bacterium lives exclusively in the human stomach, the only known organism that can survive in an environment as extremely acidic. It is a spiral bacterium (derived from this morphological feature the name of the Helicobacter) and can be screwed literally on its own to colonize the stomach epithelium.

      We know that bacteria infestation usually occurs during childhood and its clinical picture is characterized by abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting mucus and malaise.

      The clinical picture may be extended one week after the symptoms which disappear permanently. This infectious disease, like many others, may be asymptomatic in up to 50% of adults. Once the bacteria colonize the human gastrointestinal tract can occur within weeks or months, a chronic superficial gastritis, which the passage of several years or even decades, can develop into peptic ulcer or gastric adenocarcinoma.

      This bacterium is the cause that many people develop problems such as heartburn, gastritis, gastric reflux, ulcers, and cause to many people that their stomach hurt after eating


      Gastritis is an inflammation of the gastric mucosa of your stomach, appearing in various forms of imagery in flame red or bleeding subepitelial. However, accurate diagnosis is obtained by endoscopic examination. It is possible that only part of the stomach is affected or what is the whole sphere stomach. There are several causes, including poor eating habits, stress, abuse in the use of analgesics (aspirin, piroxicam, indomethacin, etc.) and alcohol., Autoimmune disorders or infection by Helicobacter pylori. Gastritis is very common nowadays perhaps is the cause your stomach hurts after eating. A very common symptom is the generation of lot of gas and burning sensation in the stomach.

    What are home remedies for stomach ulcers?
    My ulcer was caused by h. Pylori about 2 months ago and my life has been a living hell ever since. No medical insurance and two ER visits are killing me. I finally found a website called earth clinic.com with tons of posts about people using different remedies for their ulcers. I ordered red cayenne pepper capsules and slippery elm powder to mix in a drink. Also apple cider vinegar seems to be the trick as well.... Just wondering if anyone else has gone through this or tried any of these remedies to help??? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If your ulcer was diagnosed by a physician, he/she should have prescribed an antibiotic with an accompanied acid-reducer pill.

      Apple cider is Acetic Acid(vinegar) and red cayenne pepper should attack your ulcer and not help it. Sodium Bicarbonate(baking soda) is non-acidic and will help reduce the pain in your stomach. Do not use any dairy products with an ulcer because milk proteins contain Calcium, and Calcium activates your stomach lining to spew concentrated Hydrochloric Acid that will affect the ulcer.

      The ER visit should have given you a report of their diagnosis and medication to treat the ulcer; and sometimes there are no safe, home-remedies to repair an ulcer.

      I have had two ulcers, one perforated, and now I have GERD, an acid-reflex disease.

      You should consider using new, over-the-counter(OTC) acid-reliever medication available without a prescription. The new, OTC medicines are Prilosec, Zantac, Prevacid, Pepcid.These medicines have generics on the same pharmacy shelves as the mentioned brand-names. One pill lasts 24 hours.The pills take 1 to 3 days to become effective as they must condition your stomach lining.

      For your information: about 10-15 years ago, an Australian physician purposed to his colleagues that ulcers were caused by bacteria. The physician was laughed-at by his peers and condemned for making such an announcement that bacteria caused ulcers. The physician had a container of the bacteria and drank it to prove his declaration that bacteria cause ulcers. In several weeks the physician developed an ulcer from the drink, and won the Nobel Prize for Medicine. Helicobacter pylori is named for the physician.

      If you paid for two visits to the ER, you demand the analysis the ER gave to you explaining your ulcer.

      Good Luck.


    what medicine cures systemic candida which is cause of allergies on the skin?
    I have read that allergies is cause by candida on the intestine walls. What medicine is effective in killing candida(fungi)? If you have try a medicine that has been effective to you please let me know. Thanks in advance:)

    • ANSWER:
      Systemic treatments are used for esophageal and disseminated candidiasis. They can also be used for other infections that recur often or do not clear up with topical treatment.
      Ketoconazole (Nizoral) is taken at 200 or 400 mg once a day. It needs acid to be absorbed, so it should be taken with food. Antacids should be avoided. It should also not be taken at the same time as other therapies that may contain a buffer or antacid, like ddI (didanosine, Videx). It may not be well absorbed in people with gut problems or who cannot eat very much. Taking it with an acidic drink like a cola may help.

      Fluconazole (Diflucan) is taken at 200 mg the first day, then 100 mg once a day thereafter. Treatment typically lasts two weeks for oral or skin candidiasis and three weeks for esophageal infection (or two weeks after symptoms clear up, whichever is longer). The dose may be increased to 400 mg per day if the lower dose does not work.

      Studies suggest that fluconazole is more effective than ketoconazole. Some doctors still prefer to treat aggressive fungal infections with other drugs, like ketaconazole, in order to save the potent fluconazole for later use, if necessary. Resistance to fluconazole is well documented. Once it develops, then treatment options are very limited.

      Itraconazole (Sporanox) appears to be at least as potent as ketoconazole and may be as good as fluconazole. It needs stomach acid to be absorbed, so it should be taken with food. The dose is 200 mg per day. If not enough drug is being absorbed, blood levels may need to be checked so the dose can be increased.

      Itraconazole oral solution is more effective and puts higher levels of the drug in the blood than the capsule. There is a great potential for interactions between itraconazole and many anti-HIV drugs. For more information, read Project Inform's publication, Drug Interactions.

      Fungizone (amphotericin B) is given directly into a vein. It's used to treat disseminated candidiasis when other systemic therapies fail or the infection is very aggressive. It is sometimes used with another drug, flucytosine, to treat specific fungal infections like cryptococcal infections.

      This used to be the standard treatment for systemic or serious fungal infections. It lasted 8-12 weeks and often gave severe side effects, like kidney damage and anemia. People are now usually given amphotericin B until they start to improve (usually two weeks). They are then switched to fluconazole at 200-400 mg per day.

      Other forms of amphotericin B are used when systemic infections become resistant or less responsive to standard therapy. These include amphotericin B colloidal dispersion (ABCD, Amphotec) and amphotericin B lipid complex (ABLC, Abelcet). These might have fewer side effects than standard amphotericin B, but all of them can be quite toxic.

    If I used to eat bad food alot, then start eating healthy food can that cause heartburn?
    Im 16 and i just started eating only healthy foods 2 weeks ago.. like veggies and fruit... now when i eat anything a little bit bad like pizza or chips i get a killer heartburn.Im not fat but i used to eat junk food alot.. i dont know whats going on. Does anyone know why this could be?

    • ANSWER:
      Lots of junk food tends to be more bland with bleached flour, etc. and some fruits and vegetables are very acidic, which can be upsetting to your stomach. I love orange juice, but I can't drink it on any empty stomach (first thing in the morning) it just kills my stomach, from all the acid. Many "good foods" cause a lot of gas, too, which, believe it or not, isn't a bad thing. So, I would watch what you are eating on an empty stomach and try to have healthy protein snacks between meals. Good luck!

    What are the main health risks that coke cause ?
    By coke I refer to the soda, not the drug, lol. Im sober,but drink regularly the 12 oz can. I drink maybe around 9 cans a week, which is bad, but much better than some of my friends who drink a 6 pack to themselves of beer on saturdays.

    • ANSWER:
      Main risks of excess sugar are being researched like crazy right now. All of us were fed a great big lie by the food industry in the 80's and only in the 2000's have we woken up a bit. Sugar may be the culprit of many diseases including cancer. We were not designed to ingest more than 25 grams of sugars in a day and that was supposed to be from fruit. Simple carbs like sugar either get used immediately or they get converted to triglycerides immediately for fat storage. Insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes are just 3 complications from too much sugar. We need a balance of carbs and protien but most of those carbs should come from fruits and vegetables. Coke is not too good for the stomach either because it is acidic. Also it contains other chemicals that certainly won't make you healthier! Sure, Coke is definitely better than over-indulging in alcohol for sure. You could alternate Coke Zero with regular Coke. If you are recently coming off alcohol, the sugar may help you feel better which is very important but after a couple of weeks your body readjusts to lower sugar intake. If you are concerned, wean yourself off the Coke and congratulations on your sobriety. Caffeine is another one but it's health complications are few although it is addictive. I've got to deal with that one!

    What natural remedy can I give my 18 months old for diarehea and vomitting?
    My daughter has vomited for 3 days. Now her stools are so loose and acidic that is is burning her buns. What can I give her to cut back the loose acidic poop. Thanks, in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Put a liquid antacid (antacid, not stomach remedy) on her bum after each diaper change. Or beaten egg white, let dry before putting the diaper back on (eggs are alkaline)


      1. Determine the cause. Look over the above causes to help you decide what might be causing it.

      * If the diarrhea is accompanied by fever and maybe vomiting, then it is probably an intestinal viral or bacterial infection.
      * If you have just started your one-year-old on milk, then it is probably milk allergy or intolerance.
      * If you have been adding a variety of foods to your infants diet recently, then it may be a sensitivity to one of these.
      * Your child may be overdosing on high-fiber fruits or vegetables or diarrhea-causing juices like apple or pear.
      * Is your child vomiting? If yes, then click on Vomiting to learn how to get through the vomiting phase of the illness.
      * Is your child dehydrated? Children rarely get significantly dehydrated from diarrhea alone. Click here to help you determine this.

      2. Eliminate irritating foods. Here are some liquids and foods known to increase diarrhea. Refrain from these until whatever is causing the diarrhea has resolved:

      * Dairy products, except yogurt
      * Cow's milk-based formula if the diarrhea is severe and has lasted more than 3 days, we suggest you switch to a soy formula for two weeks while the intestines have time to heal. Intestines that have been damaged by severe diarrhea cannot digest cow's milk.
      * Apple juice, pear juice and cherry juice the high sorbitol sugar content of these juices can worsen diarrhea. White grape juice is a good alternative.
      * Note it is virtually never necessary to temporarily stop breastfeeding during the course of a diarrhea illness.


      # What to feed your child. Rule of thumb for G.I. upsets: Feed half as much twice as often. Offer food and fluids more frequently but in smaller amounts. Try sips and chips: frequent sipping and ice chips or white grape juice, or Popsicles made with oral electrolyte solution. Let your child suck on these all day long.

      Mild diarrhea defined as 2 4 loose stools in a 24-hour period.

      * BRAT diet this is an age old, time-tested diet.
      2. Bananas
      3. Rice or rice cereal
      4. Apple sauce
      5. Toast, unbuttered
      6. Yogurt (See Intestinal Healing Properties of )Yogurt
      * Breastmilk or formula
      * White grape juice or oral electrolyte solution such as Pedialyte. Popsicles also work well.

      Moderate diarrhea defined as 4 8 loose or watery stools per day, but child is generally not acting sick.

      * BRATY diet, but only very small amounts
      * Breastmilk or half-strength formula (formula mixed half and half with an oral electrolyte solution such as Pedialyte)
      * White grape juice, oral electrolyte solution or popsicles.

      Severe diarrhea defined as 10 or looser, watery, foul stools and child is acting sick. Consult your pediatrician.

      * BRATY diet, but only very small amounts
      * Breastmilk. Do not give formula until child improves or as directed by your pediatrician.
      * White grape juice, oral electrolyte solution or popsicles.

      # Probiotics - You may have heard of Acidophilus, a healthy bacterium that lives in our intestines and often added to yogurt. You can buy another probiotic with Lactobacillus bacteria in from any vitamin or drug store. One brand I recommend is Culturelle , one caplet daily. For young children, parents can empty the caplet into any cold food or beverage. Research has shown that taking this probiotic can shorten the duration and severity of diarrhea.

what could cause an acidic stomach for over one week

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