Reflux Oesophagitis Causes

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Acid Reflux Remedies Children

Acid Reflux Remedies Children

It occurs when the ring of muscles known as the lower oesophageal sphincter becomes relaxed to an unnatural degree and is responsible for the acidic content of the stomach flowing back into the oesophagus. This is a very common cause of heartburn and indigestion in the countries of the developed world. Prolonged attacks can also lead to a condition known as oesophagitis, which is when repeated incidents of acid reflux lead to an inflammation of the inner lining of the oesophagus. Identifying the symptoms early is a major key in formulating the correct treatment and reducing the pain caused by the condition.

One of the most prevalent symptoms of acid reflux is an excess of belching. The excessive relaxation of the oesophageal sphincter causes wind to become trapped, which must then be released in this most awkward and embarrassing manner. Acid reflux also typically reaches the mouth and throat area with a very unpleasant sour taste and burning sensation. This painful burning sensation can also occur in the chest area, or even in the lower back or abdomen areas. Breathing can also be affected in some extreme cases, with the fluid reflux affecting the membranes of the larynx and the respiratory system.

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These symptoms will often occur after the system is put under an unusual and unreasonable amount of stress. This can occur with unusually harsh physical activity, such as lifting heavy weights, or excessive bending over. Strangely enough they can also occur in the absolute opposite situation, when the body is in a horizontal position lying down. Overeating or eating food that is difficult to digest, such as excess fat, or when the food is combined with alcoholic drinks can also cause the stress to the system. Alcohol itself is a major contributory factor in this kind of reflux. Smoking, as with so many other illnesses, exacerbates the condition considerably.

There are other even more severe symptoms which are, thankfully, extremely rare. In more advanced cases, the cumulative effect of the acid reflux over a long period of time can lead to the oesophagus becoming inflamed. In the worst cases of this condition, scar tissue can form and the oesophagus can narrow, resulting in the patient having difficulty breathing. This can make it difficult to swallow and can lead to far more serious problems. Acid reflux can, in the most extreme cases, lead to severe blood loss from ulceration, which can lead to iron deficiency and even anaemia.

You can see from this how important it is to identify symptoms at an early stage and take steps to not only reduce the pain with symptom reducing treatments, but to also look to ways in which the disease itself can be prevented from escalating into something far more serious and even life threatening. Many simple lifestyle changes are available, which will cut down on the pain of acid reflux and also lead to an improvement in the patient's general health and well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Can reflux oesophagitis cause mid back pain ? Treatment and cure ?

    • ANSWER:
      Very Treatable. Drugs like Nexium are used. Change in Diet and an Endoscopic procedure is done to find out how severe the case is and in some incidents surgery is done. It is uncommon to have back pain but saying that it may be a part of your symptoms. Usually you are never cured but if proper measures are taken then you can live symptom free.

    gastro-esophageal reflux oesophagitis?
    I've been continuously bothered over the last month and a half or so by what I believe to be GORD (see above). The symptoms vary in intensity.. but are always the same. A heavy pressure in my chest works it's way up towards my throat and stops at what feels like the base just past the collarbone. I try to ignore it.. but it just buids and builds until I finally burp to relieve the pressure. It isn't always even easy to do that though. Sometimes I have to bend or turn... often the burp starts as an inhale rather than an exhale.. I can't seem to just burp on my own anymore.. it gets stuck. When I DO burp, I almost immediately have to do so again.. I can have episodes like this that last for days on end.. the longest thus far ranging at 3-4 days. Other times, I burp and it burns.. badly. By the end of the night my throat is often sore.. not terribly so, but enough to irritate me anyway. There have been occassions too, when burping was accompanied by neck, chest, arm, and heart pains. My chest burns.. and the pressure just won't receed. It hurts, really and I'm quite tired of it.. I've tried rolaids and tums with no results. I don't know what in the world could have caused this.. I've NEVER had heartburn or anything in my life prior to a few months ago. Handling it is proving to be difficult.. I eevn become light-headed now and again. I have gained weight over the past year, but I'm only about 140 lbs.. I know I shouldn't smoke cigarettes or drink soda.. but I can't help myself from it all... I love my caffeine. Are there any OTC medicines anyone recognizes as efficient that they would recommend? PLEASE, help.. I can't take much more of this. All I ate today was a bagel, and still horrible heartburn. Makes me now want to eat.. but, then it's still almost as bad

    • ANSWER:
      try prilosec otc, it's a proton pump inhibitor which basically means it stops your stomach from producing excessive amounts of acid

    What is Functional Dyspepsia?
    As i know that i couldn't consume in certain food and that it may cause the gastritis worse.. I got reflux oesophagitis... When the pain comes it was very painful and the medication doesn't works for me till i get the injection to relieve the pain... Is that serious? I hv seen the Dr too...
    Felt dizziness thats the worse part till i nearly fainted?

    • ANSWER:
      Dyspepsia is a constant pain in the stomach. Constant pains include indigestion and heartburn. Another discomfort is nausea. Functional dyspepsia has no visible cause. Other forms may be identified by X-ray or endoscopy.

      Dyspepsia may be caused by conditions such as stomach ulcers. It is often aggravated by high acidity in the stomach. It may also be caused as a side-effect of drugs treating other illnesses such as arthritis and schizophrenia. Sometimes no specific cause can be found.

      The term "dyspepsia" is both medical and general, and the term "dyspeptic" has come to mean "as if bothered by ulcers, irritable."

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