How To Cure Lpr Naturally

Reiki is another form of alternative medicine. Although it can cure certain illnesses, one that has never been thoroughly studied in humans is anemia.

Anemia is a common blood disorder and this happens when the person s red blood cells are below normal. This often leads to other health problems like fatigue and stress that affects the body s other organs.

Until such time that there is scientific proof that it can help patients who are suffering from anemia, Reiki should not be recommended or even attempted. The person should seek the help of a medical professional and then work with what is available.

But if Reiki cannot be used to treat those suffering from anemia, where can it be used? This technique has been known to energize the body and relieve it from stress, prevent physical disorders, maintain a balanced state of health as well as minimize a sense of helplessness when faced with a daunting situation. It can be used anywhere and at anytime that may also be used on plants and animals.

The medical community for its part has only done a few tests to check on Reiki s effectiveness. For instance, a random test shows that it has an adverse effect on the nervous system as it can lower one s blood pressure, heart rate and breathing.

Another suggests it can help the person fight the symptoms of depression. There was also a report stating that Reiki can aid in patients who are in stroke recovery since positive effects on both energy and mood have been noted.

The nice thing about Reiki is that it is completely safe. The patient does not have to be injected or required to swallow anything. He or she will just have to sit still and just relax while the practitioner puts the hand over the body.

It should also be pointed out that it does not attack the disease but rather supports the person experiencing the disease to encourage him or her to fight it in order to once again have a state of balance.

For those that want to try it, they can do so as long as they use their common sense. If the doctor tells them that they have to take certain medication, it is best that they do follow it and they use alternative forms of medicine like Reiki to help them out.

This is after it has been pointed out that doctors have taken interest with Reiki and other forms of complementary and alternative medicine or CAM which is already taught in most US medical schools.

Despite the lack of tests, some doctors also insist patients to try it out since these are low risk practices that do not have adverse side effects.

The difference between conventional medicine and Reiki is the approach. The traditional way focuses on detection on treatment while the other sees it from a holistic, whole person approach that extends way beyond the person s pathophysiology.

Is one better than the other? That is really hard to tell. So until such time that Reiki can cure anemia and any other disorder, patients and their loved ones are advised to approach this situation the conventional way given that this the most logical choice.

Just remember that there is nothing wrong thinking outside the box because you might just get lucky and find a cure.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What can homeopathy do for LPR/ acid reflux?
    I recently received an answer from Healing Oneself concerning homeopathy's stance on allergies. I would like to know more about what homeopathy says about acid reflux.

    • ANSWER:
      Try eating raw celery- I found it works really well for acid. Those taking the 'purple pill' might try it also... Celery is quite alkaline and can neutralize exces acid naturally. As far as homeo "remedies"; I will probably get blasted by believers, but the real science is that there is NO concrete evidence, proof, double-blind study, etc that they do anything at all for any condition. There is only anecdotal evidence; read what it says on "quackwatch" about this. My opinion is that either placebo effect or time and the body's own healing explains any homeopathic 'cure'. Good luck!

    Any natural cures for LPR reflux?
    Any natural cures for LPR reflux? My Dr has had me on protonix but the meds are causing constipation and stomach pains plus the fact I don't want to have to take these meds but If I simply ignore the problems I will end up doing serious damage to my throat. Can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Terramin clay (Calcium Montmorillonite) is used to treat this problem naturally. It also has loads of other applications! Here's some info;

how to cure lpr naturally

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