Dog Indigestion Symptoms

How should I go about treating my gallstones?

Signs of ringworm are typically circular patches of broken hair in ring-like whirls. These areas usually heal at their centers, growing darker than normal hair. Surrounding this darkened area is a band of inflamed, reddened skin within which the hair is also broken off short. The most common areas for ringworm to occur are the face, ear tips, tail and paws. When these areas are examined with an ultraviolet light source the broken hair shafts often fluoresce.

In the few cases where the lesions are itchy, the skin is crusty, bumpy and infected with bacteria. Ringworm of the body shows up as a flat, round patch anywhere on the skin except for the scalp and feet. The groin is a common area of infection (groin Ringworm). As the rash gradually expands, its center clears to produce a ring. More than one patch might appear, and the patches can overlap. The area is sometimes itchy.

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Is the family pet suffering from ringworm infection? Does your beloved pet scratch relentlessly leaving raw open sores? Are you suffering along with your pet and feeling helpless because you've tried other remedies that just didn't work? Do you fear the family pet is losing too much of its coat? If the condition gets any worse it might not grow back! Have you spent a ton of money on Vet bills and medication that has not helped? Family members and other household pets are also at risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Dog symptoms improving: Is she getting better or should she still see a vet? (Etc.)?
    The vomiting was our first indication that Peanut wasn't feeling well. It progressed over the next 24 hrs. and was accompanied by a constant and loud gurgling. She kept whining very quietly (as she usually did when she wanted someting), though it was hard to hear her. It seemed as though she couldn't get comfortable. The foamy liquid vomit went from once in the morning to several times in a day. She began eating grass in a frantic manner and excessively consumed water.

    I gave her a dose of simethicone and let her be alone for a few minutes. I returned only after several minutes to find that she had peed and pooped on the carpet (out of character) and there was also 3 dime sized jelly-like clumps of clear "liquid" with a few small spots/clots of blood in each one. I figure this is feces, but wasn't there. I think she has a blockage from rawhide and am wondering if it would digest over time? Can blockages happen over time (build-up of rawhide fed in excess)? Her symptoms disappear when she's excited or out for a walk, but otherwise she seems ill. Is she excited to walk so she can eat grass? Is the grass causing the indigestion? I'm not trying to replace a trip to the vet, however I am trying to prepare myself for the cost and trying to save myself from having to go if she's gonna get through this on her own.
    Yesterday she turned down Beggin Strips... This morning, I decided to try and tempt her with some raw meat and it worked. She ate all that was there (without hesitation) and when she seemed to want more-I ended up sharing my bread and peanut butter with her.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say to monitor her for a little while longer, is she an inside dog? Or does she stay outside a lot? The water drinking and foaming at the mouth could be rabies. Let her eat as much grass as she wants. It can help get whatever is in her system get out and stay out. As for rawhide, it doesn't digest so there very well could be a blockage. If she continues to improve then just leave her alone and continue to monitor her. However, if she starts going downhill take her to the vet.

    Maybe pregnant - dog acting strange?
    First off -- I am extremely irregular. I usually have AF for two months, skip two and start over on different dates. I've asked OBGYN for help but she says I'm fine. Really??

    Anyway, I had AF November 18 and Dec 18, then nothing since. Normal. But the past week I've had lower back pain, congestion, indigestion and occasional sharp pains in my lower abs.
    I've read these are symptoms. BUT - my dog is also acting strange -> laying on my stomach, following me around, whining and smelling my stomach.

    I've bought a HPT, but since I'm so irregular I have no idea when to take it.
    Do you think I'm experiencing symptoms or is it all in my head?

    • ANSWER:
      dogs are very intuitive!...if your not pregnant hun something else is happening with your body!...take the test..if its inconclusive go and see your doctor. Good luck

    Possible Indigestion?
    Ok in the past If I ate more than i should have my stomach would start hurting, plus Id get headaches and show all the symptoms of indigestion.... what I would do in that case was take headache pills (like aspirin or ibuprofen, since I did have a headache after all). Within literally 3 seconds of swallowing said pills I would immediately start vomiting, after the process was complete my headache would be gone and my stomach and other symptoms would have all went away. So that has been my "cure" for the problem in the past.

    Now recently Id get the symptoms of indigestion after just eating normally (i.e Im not overeating like I was when in the past which I KNEW would cause that problem), I say this because I have the same diet/eating habits now as Ive had for the last 4-5 months and no indigestion in that time span yet my eating habits haven't changed and now recently (id say within the last week) the symptoms are back.

    So I try to use my "headache pills cure" and no effect (i.e no vomiting) but Im doing a lot of belching, rectal gas, stomach aches and nausea feeling, bloated, full feeling, food seeming to get stuck in the back of my mouth/throat, growling stomach i.e all of the signs of indigestion.

    the first time It happened I had a lose of appetite (i mean who would WANT to eat with a stomach feeling like that), the signs started right while I was in the process of eating (so i didn't even get the finish the meal) and last 2 days (i went that whole time without eating anything and then the stomach pain went away, however my stomach felt empty and was growling so I figured that was normal.. after all your stomach DOES growl when you're hungry and I hadn't eaten in 2 days so I musta been hungry, so I ate and after eating (that was around lunch time) I was still fine to my relief, so later that night thinking everything was ok I ate again (dinner) and then the symptoms returned yet again right before I could finish the meal. So here I am 17 hours later and the stomach pains still persists. I dont have medical insurance so going to a doctor is out of the question at the moment... is there any good over the counter medicine I can buy for this, Im thinking zantac 75 and or maybe alka seltzer would do the trick but is there anything better? what would you guys suggest? Also does the medicine "cure" the problem or does it just relieve/hide the symptoms (i.e they'll come back later on even if i dont overeat or eat anything at all). I mean I wanna get back to being able to eat like normally was a week or two ago and not have to deal with this lol so Im hoping its just a temporary/"normal" problem and not something more serious (which Ive read indigestion can sometimes lead too, but I hear THAT kinda indigestion usually lasts for weeks and mine hasnt gotten to that point yet).

    Incase youre wondering about my diet unless someone cooks (which Is extremely rare) it usually consist of top ramen (noodles) and hot dogs (some times 8 a day, 4 for lunch and 4 for dinner) I usually just skip breakfast so 90% of the time I only eat twice a day, and I'm less than 200 lbs (as much as I eat I should probably be as big as a house but luckily I'm not fat at all I guess its because I have a fast metabolism? lol)

    So yeah any tips to deal with this since the easiest/easier option of "going to the doctor" is out of the question for me right now? Maybe some good over the counter medicine?

    • ANSWER:

    Help please ladies what do you think of these symptoms?
    Me and my partner have only just decided we would like to try for a baby.
    It's so soon that we haven't yet fully learnt about ovulation and everything although we have a good idea because we have read a lot in the last few weeks.
    We had sex around the time I would have been ovulating and I am due on my period around xmas time.
    For the last 2 weeks or so I have been feeling really rough, my breasts are really sore, especially on the sides, I have indigestion and frequent acid reflux, I have been getting almost daily headaches which on one occasion lead to vomitting. I seem to have quite a strong gag reflex at the moment especially at the smell of my dog which I'm normally fine with. The veins in my breast appear to be more visable and for the last 2 days I have had some brownish spotting.
    I really didn't expect to be pregnant so fast, I was expecting months of trying so if I am pregnant it will be a very pleasent surprise.
    I know I need to wait until my missed period and then take a test but the wait is killing me. I'm sat here paranoid that the spotting will turn into a full blown period any minute.

    What does it sound like to you guys in the know?

    Thanks x

    • ANSWER:

    Raw Feeders: have your dogs ever?
    experienced discomfort, indigestion, whatnot ... eating any particular type of raw meaty bone?

    I feed my guys beef/lamb ribs and chicken drumsticks. Sometimes after eating the drumsticks they seem to exhibit signs of mild discomfort ... like some antsiness ... occassional mild panting. They don't get sick - out of either end.

    The symptoms are juuuust enough for me to feel that it IS something, not just regular dog behavior - but not so much for me to worry that they are in any danger. They always 'recover' and are fine after a few hours.

    have you had any similar experiences, and if yes, any advice or thoughts based on those experiences?

    • ANSWER:
      My dog has never had any Bad experiences with Raw feeding, He gets fed everything from Raw eggs to Raw green tripe to raw pork

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