Does Infant Acid Reflux Cause Throw Up

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Gastroesophageal Reflux and Acid Reflux the same thing?
    I have an infant that keeps throwing up, and no not spitting up, throwing up. He's being treated as we speak, but I wanted to know if there is a difference in the two.

    • ANSWER:
      I found this answer by a Digestive System Specialist...

      Acid reflux is one cause of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a disease in which stomach acid or, occasionally, bile flows back (refluxes) into your food pipe (esophagus).

      Because GERD may also be caused by bile reflux, the term "acid reflux disease" is more specific in describing the cause. But it doesn't describe the body part affected by the acid reflux.

      Most doctors prefer "GERD" because it's a more comprehensive term. Drug companies that market and sell acid-suppressing medications, however, often prefer to use "acid reflux disease."

    My newborn has reflux and only wants to sleep in the swing?
    My daughter is 8 days old and has been only comfortable sleeping in her swing. We never turn it on, even during the day. But the reflux upsets her when she lies down. Is this safe? My son slept a lot in his infant seat for the same reason.

    • ANSWER:
      Um...well I would actually suggest a carseat. After my twins were born, they had to stay in the NICU for a while. Well my son came home before he could get his shots. Then my daughter came home about a month later, and she got her shots before coming home. So when we went to the twins' first wellbaby appt, my son caught a sickness because of no shot. He ended up throwing up the first 2 ounces of his formula at every feeding and had a serious runny nose that made it hard for him not to throw up. I couldn't lay him in the crib, so I used the carseat, and had him propped up next to his crib so the mucus could drain. He was like that for 2 weeks straight. I would seriously get her pediatrician to do something about the reflux, because the stomach acid can deteriate her throat and cause problems with eating in the future.

    Can infants have Acid Reflux Disease?
    My grandson is almost 3 months old. He was a preemie and weighs about 9 lbs. He's takes a bottle of 5 oz every 2-4 hours. It's scary because sometimes he throws up-a lot, not just spit up. My daughter switched to soy formula but the vomiting continues. He gets really uncomfortable then just vomits. Is it possible for him to have Acid Reflux Disease? And if so, what can she do about it? Thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Reflux, or GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) is actually pretty common for infants. As a pediatrician I treat a large number of infants and children with reflux. Treatment depends on the severity of symptoms. Most frequently I treat infants if they have reflux that causes pain during or after feedings, or are throwing up severely enough to limit growth. Simple treatments include upright positioning after feedings, frequent small feedings, and good burping technique with each feed. If this is unsuccessful, we consider changing to an anti-reflux formula that thickens when it hits the acidic environment of the stomach, thickening the feeds with a small amount of rice cereal in the bottle, or medications.
      If your grandson is uncomfortable and the simple measures above don't help, talk to your pediatrician about other options.

    Has anyone ever used Enfamil AR lipil formula?
    My doctor has recommended that I use this pre thickened formula due to acid reflux.

    • ANSWER:
      my daughter has esophigeal reflux which is the term most usually associated with acid reflux in infants. what happens is that the infants dive reflex, the flap of skin that covers the opening to the lungs when the infant is swallowing, works a little too well. the reflex will close everytime the infant tries to spit up, as infants often do. this will cause tremdous build up of gas until all the formula comes up at once. it looks kind of like old faithful. lol. i thought my daughter was throwing up whole bottles at a time. the dr put cadee on enfamil ar as well as zantac. cadee is 7 months old and has pretty much grown out of the reflux. i recommend taking your dr's advice. i hope this answer helped you understand your child's condition more. ps: that is how my child's doc explained it to me. i found it helpful.

    My 3month old spits up often but still continues to laugh while doin it is this acid reflux shuld i b worried?

    • ANSWER:
      Its nothing to be concerned about as long as she is happy and laughing it means its not hurting her... I just want to clarify something from the other post... there is a difference between reflux spitup and throwing up. Spitting up it will just dribble out of their mouths or maybe go on their pants... when a baby throws up it is like projectile vomit because a baby does not have the muscles to control it, when a baby throws up it will literally go like 3-5 feet across the room, not just on the baby. Ive seen it, my one infant was sick and used to throwup all the time. My other though had bad reflux and when they spitup it does seem like half their bottle is coming back up, but as my doctor put it, as long as it doesnt seem to be causing them pain, and they are gaining weight then its nothing to worry about, the biggest pain is in the extra laundry lol, i used to change my kids clothes like 10 times a day it seemed. They do grow out of it though, my baby didnt until he was about a year old he just seemed to slowly quit spitting up so much :)

      Edit** sorry, hope i didnt come off as *crabby* lol or anything, just get irritated when people might say their baby is 'throwing up' when its just spitup lol, im always like truuust me you'd know it if it was throw up :)

    I don t enjoy taking care of my newborn. Husband does not understand.?
    Long, I know, but I can't admit this to anyone I know. People judge.

    We have a two and half month old newborn. He is so difficult to care for. He has colic, acid reflux, horrible cradle cap that flakes and bleeds and is never satisfied or happy. He can cry all day and night long. He doesn t sleep at night and we both spend over 90% of the night walking with him or literally trying to hold him down to be still. He doesn t sleep well on his back or side because he keeps throwing his arms and throwing his head back and forth. He will sleep on his tummy, which I won t allow at night, or in his swing. So one of us ends up in the living room laying on the couch while he sleeps in his swing. I have been up all night and won t be sleeping anytime soon. He wants to constantly comfort nurse, my nipples are raw, and fights taking a bottle regardless if its fresh pumped milk or not. I am a slave to being attached to him. I got a root canal last week and my husband told me to take a break afterwards and not rush right home. So I went to a caf to get some soup and relax and got a call from my husband saying I needed to come straight home because the baby has been screaming for three hours straight and won t eat. Right now, I am low on groceries and I can t take him to the store with me because all he does is screaming, fight his car seat or the wrap and my 22 month old feeds off of him and they both start to freak out. Husband is out of town due to military training and closest friends I have are almost an hour drive away. I tried to take my 22 month old to a birthday party on Saturday but I had to leave early because our newborn wouldn t stop screaming. The moms there were so nice and understanding and helped out the best they could, but I feel guilty that my toddler doesn t get what he used to from me because his brother is so difficult.

    I feel like all I do is hold a crying infant. I take good care of him, I always make sure he is clean, well dressed, fed, I talk to him, read him books and show him love but I feel like I do it out of duty, not because I want to. Our first child I enjoyed taking care of as a baby, but this child, I do not. I told my husband this and he just gave me this horrible look that made me feel like the scum of the earth. I love him, but I don t enjoy caring for him. I am sorry this is long, but I haven t slept and am in tears from frustration.

    I do not have post partum depression; I did ask two different doctors to screen me. I feel horrible for the frustration and feelings of not enjoying my newborn. Anyone go through this and have words of advice? I feel like crud and the guilt of feeling like the care of my newborn is a burden is hurting me.

    • ANSWER:
      The burp thing that the other person suggested can make a huge difference. Here are some things that I have tried.
      I slept with the swing close to my bed so when the baby fussed I could kick it with my foot. She would usually go back to sleep.
      My last baby does this unless we take him outside or turn on the vacuum. We also wrap him tightly in a blanket, put a pacifier in his mouth and firmly pat his back while bouncing him. I can get him to sleep this way, but have to hold him for a long time. I can deal with holding him as long as he isn't screaming.
      I do let my babies sleep on their stomachs if I am in the room with them. I read that there is no SIDS in countries where parents sleep with their kids.
      It could be he is having trouble digesting something you are eating. Milk is a major cause. You can look up other causes on the internet and try giving up those things for 2 weeks and then slowly introducing them back into your diet to see what he is causing his reactions.
      Hopefully one of these suggestions will help. Also, find someone to help you so you can get a nap. You might be able to hire a babysitter to take him on a walk or get a neighbor to help you out.

    please help me im runnin out of ideas my daughter keeps throwing up!!!!?
    every since she was born she has had throwing up problems and yes i mean projectile vomiting she has down syndrome they have did ultrasounds everything changed her formula all the way down to similac alimentum she is now on zantac thinking it might be acid reflux which seemed to help for two days she has been vomiting 3xs a day for over a month any ideas of what else could be causing it??? please help she is now 6 months

    • ANSWER:
      Have you seen a pediatric doctor who specializes in infant feeding problems? Is there a children's hospital that could refer you to one. Call the largest hospital and ask to speak with someone in the neonatal intensive care unit. Ask them to refer you to someone who specializes with this type of problem. They will be able to recommend someone that is well qualified.

    My 9 month old pukes atleast once every week?
    She has been doing htis since she was 2mts old. There isn't a week when she will go by without throwing up atleast once
    The ped suggested taking her to a gastrointerologist
    But going to a gi is tooo invasive
    I don't have the heart to do that
    She has mild reflux and is on medication for that
    Anybody in the same shoes?
    People not on the same page please don't send advise

    • ANSWER:
      My son now 14 mths has had acid reflux since 1 week old.It has always been very bad.By 12 mths they normally grow out of it,but he has'nt.He throws up at least one good time a day.Sometimes 3-4 times a day.It has never seemed to bother him though.He is healthy 23pds and will eat anything.I feed him the graduates food alot cause he does a better w/that than table food.When he was 5 mths old i took him to get a catscan of his tummy.They did'nt find anything else,just the reflux.He was put on a medicine when he was an infant to help strengthen his stomach muscle,the doc said nothing would really help w/the reflux.As long as she is gaining weight and it does'nt seem to bother her much,i would'nt worry to much about it.Try keeping her on baby food rather then table food.I have found it does'nt make them as sick.There may also be something that makes her sicker than something else,find out what it may be and keep her away from it for a little while.With him it was baby food carrots,he could'nt even keep a little down.Now he eats canned carrots and has no problem w?them.At about 10 mths the throwing up stopped,it happened only every once in a while.In July they put him on iron med and it started again,he is off of it now but continues to throw up once a day.I really can tell how as he gets older it does'nt happen as much.More w/certain things like cheese.I know it can be frustrating but if it is not hurting her don't let it upset you.It is common in babies.She will do it less as she grows.I hope i could help a little and hope she gets better soon.Good Luck!!!

    My daughter is turning 14 this summer, but she gets this weird acid reflux type thing that leads to vomiting.?
    My almost 14 year old daughter occasionally gets this acid reflux type thing that leads to vomiting. We talked to our doctor, and he thinks that it's either acid reflux, or her gaull bladder. He didn't want to put her on any antacids yet, one because it's not happening twice a month or anything, and two, because she's so young. I'm a nurse, and i was looking up the symptoms in a medical book of mine, and the description for either chronic erosive gastritus, or eosinophilic gastritus. Is anyone familure with this, or has it?

    • ANSWER:
      My four year old daughter has GERD (acid reflux) and will have times that she throws up because of it. She usually has an attack where she throws up a couple of times at night for two to three nights. And then she will be okay for a week or two. We did some test and ended up having her take one of the anti acid medicines like prilosic which she was on as an infant. We had insurance problems so she takes an OTC prilosic which really helps her. When she is on it, she doesn't throw up and her tummy feels much better. I would try some over the counter Prilosic or similar. Stay away from the tums as they can cause constipation.

    infant milk throwing problem?
    My two months old girl starts throwing a lot recently. It seems something is bothering her while she is trying to swallow milk. Somepart of the day a noise come from her throat/nose and she refused to have milk. If somehow she take little immediately she throw almost the whole milk. I took her to the doctor couple of times. Dr. didn't find anything. As the noise was not that time I failed to make the Dr. hear that sound. Her bowl movement reduces significantly. She has 1 bm each day. Today she doesn't have any bowl movement. I don't know what I should do?

    • ANSWER:
      It could be from a couple of things. It could be that she needs to be burped. If you are breastfeeding or formula feeding you still need to burp your baby. Some people think that breastfed babies do not need to be burped but they get gas in the bellys too. Try to burp every 5 min. If she cries during a burp that will cause more air in the belly so try to get her to suck on a binky if she is crying.

      If that is not it; it could be Acid reflux. I would mention that to the doctor and see what they think.

      Good Luck. I hope everything works out.

does infant acid reflux cause throw up

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