Bad Acid Reflux After Quitting Smoking

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    How do I stop the burning and the nausea?
    I'm about 3 months pregnant and I have acid reflux and it's getting worse. I can barely eat or drink anything. I'm always throwing up. And there's so much mucus and stomach acid. How do I make it stop? It gets to the point where I feel like my chest is going to explode and when it starts burning it's so hard to breathe. I quit smoking about 5 days ago and my cousin thinks that has something to do with it? Seriously though can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      there are some food you should be avoiding..
      anything acidic will make the reflux worse.
      caffeine like soda, coffee, chocolate
      try eating smaller meals more frequently and avoid chewing gum ,, you body automatically will start to produce acid to breakdown the food it thinks you are eating.

      and when you sleep try elevating your head a few inches and sleep on your left side.. the natural curve in your tummy allows acid to retrograde into your esophagus and burn remember R is for reflux so avoid sleeping on your ride side

      BTW reglan is a medication used for vomiting when one is having gastoparisis,, which is highly seen in diabetics flagyl may be safe but you have to ask..
      ppi medication = proton pump inhibitors are
      prilosec otc, aciphex, omeprazole, nexium, protonixs , prevacid all given between 20 mgs t0 40 mgs daily

    How do you feel after you've stopped smoking years from now? Best answer 10 points! ?
    I use to smoke I can say I feel better now that I quit it's been 8 months for me. Has anyone experianced acid reflux or chest pains, anxiety...if so does it go away years after you have quit smoking?

    • ANSWER:
      There are no side effects of quitting smoking if you do it properly.

      The physical addiction is overrated. There is, of course, a difference between a chain smoker and an occasional smoker, but the difference is insignificant, because it all comes down to the mental attitude. If you have the proper mental attitude then you can break any addiction. This does not mean that you don't have to do your part, but the mental attitude is the difference between a smoker who is able to quit and a smoker who falls back immediately into his addiction.

      A right mental attitude means that you are aware that smoking was a mistake- this is the part that is not easy for everyone. Sometimes it's hard to admit that you made a mistake ( and when it comes to smoking we're talking about years of mistake, not only about one time ), but you have to cooperate with yourself. Of course that if you want to quit, but you don't accept that smoking is bad for you then you are actually pulling yourself back and you'll fall back into your addiction. This is why it is important to have the correct mental attitude, to detect the problem and to fix it.

      It is important also to really want to be healthy- and this is something that lies inside of you. Many actions are generated by the subconscious mind. Smoking does not only mean putting a cigarette in your mouth, but also the reason for why you are doing this. And maybe you never considered asking yourself: " Why am I doing this ? Yes, I like smoking, this is why I'm doing this, though I know that it is unhealthy for me. So if I know that it is unhealthy then why am I doing this ? Maybe because I don't care. And why I don't care about my health ? Maybe because I don't care about my life. Or maybe I just don't have enough reasons to care about my health and how long I will live. " - This may not be your self- dialog, but you should certainly think about this question. Because there are 2 reasons for smoking : 1. Ignorance, 2. Carelessness
      As soon as you can fix the real source of your problem and as soon as you find out the real reason for why you are smoking- you will have no problem in quitting. The only obstacle will always be yourself and everything depends on what you want and what you choose.

    does quitting smoking also make acid reflux worst?
    is this true that stopping smoking makes you have acid reflux and sometimes make acid reflux work. and also. tell me how long did it take you to go thru the symptoms after quitting smoking. smoking cold turkey and not substituting it to patches or ecigs or any medication.

    • ANSWER:

    How do you know if you have acid Reflex?
    I was told i have acid reflux but it was supposed to go away after i quit smoking how do i tell if i still have it or it left

    • ANSWER:
      Do you get 'burps' or 'belching' where it's uncomfortable and acidic stuff or it feels like liquid comes (bubbles) up into the throat? (W/O vomiting just stuff).

      If you get a bad one you choke up on the acid that comes up and you get a bad smell coming out of your mouth , you might also have a mild hiatus hernia , which is some of the stomach coming up into the chest area because of a weakness in the diaphragm.

      It's a good idea not to do any bending over activities shortly after eating , as especially with hiatus hernia , you will get a bad reflux , (bluuurch) it's awful as you mat know already.

    My chest hurts all day every day and my mom won't take me to the doctor?
    I'm 15 and my chest hurts all the time. It hurts in the middle of my breasts right at the bottom of them. Sometimes it hurts really bad sometimes it doesn't hurt too bad but it always hurts. I have every symptom of acid reflux so could that be it? Could it be from smoking? I only smoke 2 cigarettes a day. Don't tell me to quit because I already know the dangers of smoking. If my chest is hurting from smoking, what does that mean? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Is it more of a burning sensation or does it hurt more if you take a deep breath? Acid Reflux is VERY quickly and effectively treated by taking a good, broad spectrum Probiotic. Don't bother with the expensive yogurts, cause they just give you a trickle charge of Probiotics, and often, it's just acidophilus, which is good, but it's just not enough if the "good" bacteria is what your body is needing. Go to your health food store and get a Probiotic that contains MANY of the different strains of good bacteria. It's kind of pricey at the health food store, but once you determine that that's eliminating your symptoms, you'll NEVER want to be without it again. Then, you can find an even superior Probiotic online at a huge savings. When you take a good, broad spectrum Probiotic you should feel complete relief within seconds if you have reflux.

      It's criminal when Doctors prescribe an antibiotic and don't tell you to follow up with Probiotics! All kinds of problems arise from yeast overgrowth, most of which go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. An antibiotic is not selective when it's killing bacteria. You're essentially left with barren land and it's usually the bad stuff that takes over. Your immune system is then compromised! You HAVE to replace your GOOD bacteria that your body NEEDS to keep itself in balance.

      If you can smoke only 2 cigarettes a day, then you don't need to be smoking. If your chest hurts from smoking, then don't do it. QUIT WHILE YOU CAN!!

      Try the Probiotics and if that doesn't work (which I think it will), then try not smoking for a couple weeks and monitor the results.

      If your chest pain persists, then you should have blood work done to check your TSH levels. You could be suffering from Hypothroidism (low thyroid) which can cause irregular heart beats. If your TSH levels are elevated, then your healthcare provider should send you to an Endocrinologist to find out why your Thyroid is being affected. If the measures above don't net results for you, then it's best to, at least, rule out any problems with your Thyroid. It's get's missed more than people know, and other conditions are diagnosed instead. So, if you still have the pain after trying the Probiotics, then get some simple blood work done to check your Thyroid.

bad acid reflux after quitting smoking

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